A Look Into The Characters Real Lives

ABC’s Brothers and Sisters is one of those television shows that had most viewers hooked for the most part. It was the simple tale of different individuals who live together, or in close proximity to one another, and the different ways in which they handled crisis.

The wonderful thing about this show is that the plot was not overtly complicated such that both the young and old could follow it with ease. This is in sharp contrast to some of the Read more

Why Tune In To This TV Show?

Why should you watch Brothers and Sisters? For the amazing cast, of course! A television show that stars the talented Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe, and Patricia Wettig is not to be missed. All the actors did wonderful work in Brothers and Sisters, and were nominated numerous times for Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The amazing storyline is also a reason to watch. The show began with the death of the Read more

3 Questions For The Screen Writer

Brothers and Sisters is a television drama series that centers upon the relationships between the Walker family who reside in Pasadena, California – a suburb of Los Angeles.

1. How did the idea for the show surface?

Actor and producer Ken Olin (of thirtysomething fame) had a deal with ABC Touchstone to create a family show. He approached his long time friend, playwrite Jon Robin Baitz in the middle of summer at his New York home about creating and writing the show, saying Read more

Most of us who got our television through places like http://www.cable-tv.com/DIRECTV-Cable/ fell in love with Brothers and Sisters when it first hit the airwaves. How could you not? The plot took elements of family feud and intrigue and brought it all to the modern day setting with some snappy writing and incredible actors. This was no Dallas but it cam pretty close to the overall mood and premise with two families feuding all while having romantic relationships and encounters that served as strategic moves and attacks all meant to favor the victor with wealth, power and prestige in modern day America.

What made Brothers and Sisters such a success was the characterization. Even though many of the players in this masterpiece were absolutely despicable, they also managed to garner some empathy from the audience and it was this complexity that not only made the characters more appealing but much more human as well. These were characters you knew in everyday life and some you might have even been involved with. These were characters that were both near and dear to our hearts and they helped carry the story along through over 100 episodes and five glorious seasons that no one is soon going to forget.

What To Expect During The Season

With the Fall being the mark of new shows, the continuation of some of our past favorite shows, and the marking of a new season, and great new comedies, actions, romance, and great drama on TV, during this fall season on ABC, some of the favored shows are returning to TV, and promising to bring the drama with them. One of the best shows on ABC, and the most popular Grey’s Anatomy, is supposedly coming to an end, if not this season, very soon. As many of the main characters claim it Read more

An Exclusive Look Into The New Episode(s)

An Exclusive Look Into The New Episode(s)

“Brothers and Sisters” is an ABC television drama about the Walker family who live in Pasadena, California. The successful series began on September 24, 2006, and the last episode was shown on May 8, 2011 at the end of the fifth season.

Sally Field plays the mother, Nora Walker. Because of her talented acting in the series, she received a Primetime Emmy Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Rachael Griffiths who Read more

A Closer Look At Each Character Of The Show

Nora Walker
Nora is the head of the Walker family. She was widowed by her husband William Walker and has five children. She also has two son-in-laws and seven grandchildren. She is employed as the head of a cancer clinic.

Tommy Walker
Tommy is Nora and William’s third child. He worked for many years at Ojai Foods with his father and uncle. He now is the financial manager of a baseball team. Tommy has one child, a daughter named Elizabeth.

Kevin Walker
Kevin is Nora’s fourth child and a pro-bono lawyer. He is in a committed relationship Read more

Behind The Scenes: What Goes On During Filming

TV is a popular medium for many and there are behind the scenes activities you normally won’t see. Actors and actresses usually rehearse their lines for an uncoming scene or may be discussing how to improve the character(s) they are playing. They may be planning a different approach or growth to make the show or character seem more interesting or even go in another direction.
Behind the scenes the actors could be playing games like monopoly or scrabble to keep their mind busy and take a “break” from the norm. Or they could be trying to improve an upcoming Read more

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