Behind The Scenes: What Goes On During Filming

TV is a popular medium for many and there are behind the scenes activities you normally won’t see. Actors and actresses usually rehearse their lines for an uncoming scene or may be discussing how to improve the character(s) they are playing. They may be planning a different approach or growth to make the show or character seem more interesting or even go in another direction.
Behind the scenes the actors could be playing games like monopoly or scrabble to keep their mind busy and take a “break” from the norm. Or they could be trying to improve an upcoming scene, dialogue or the outfits. The actor or actress might be making calls home to stay in touch with family and friends.
Other behind the scenes actitivies are discussing the characters and plots that will make the show more interesting and keep the audience watching. Because this is the way they make their living, it will be important to add their own special touch to whatever scene or character they are portraying.
Most of the behind the scenes activities are normally focused on what is going to be happening in the next scene or the next show. Keep watching for more!


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