A Closer Look At Each Character Of The Show

Nora Walker
Nora is the head of the Walker family. She was widowed by her husband William Walker and has five children. She also has two son-in-laws and seven grandchildren. She is employed as the head of a cancer clinic.

Tommy Walker
Tommy is Nora and William’s third child. He worked for many years at Ojai Foods with his father and uncle. He now is the financial manager of a baseball team. Tommy has one child, a daughter named Elizabeth.

Kevin Walker
Kevin is Nora’s fourth child and a pro-bono lawyer. He is in a committed relationship with a man named Scotty and has one biological child, from donating his sperm to his brother Tommy.

Justin Walker
Justin is the youngest child and a war veteran. He is the “black sheep” of the family and has suffered with drug problems and post traumatic stress disorder.

Katherine “Kitty” Walker
Kitty is Nora and William’s first child together. She lived in New York City for some time, eventually moving to Los Angles for her career. She marries senator Robert McCallister. Kitty becomes pregnant but it ends in a miscarriage. She is later diagnosed with lymphoma.

Sarah Laurent
Sarah is the first child born to Nora but she does not share a father with the rest of her siblings. She is the CEO of Ojai Foods and has two children. She meets a man named Luc during a summer in France and they are later married.


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