What To Expect During The Season

With the Fall being the mark of new shows, the continuation of some of our past favorite shows, and the marking of a new season, and great new comedies, actions, romance, and great drama on TV, during this fall season on ABC, some of the favored shows are returning to TV, and promising to bring the drama with them. One of the best shows on ABC, and the most popular Grey’s Anatomy, is supposedly coming to an end, if not this season, very soon. As many of the main characters claim it will be their last season, we can expect plenty of drama, and maybe a closing to many character lines on the show.

Other shows such as Private Practice, which is another in the series from the creator of Grey’s is also heating up, and with the introduction of Benjamin Bratt, we can expect new relationships, new and more drama, and a great season up ahead. There are many other series which have just been added to the station, and many new characters we can expect to see. So, whatever shows you love, they are coming up, and promising to bring the drama we are hoping for in our favorite series.


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